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Lucid Motors is not merging with CCIV? Stock price goes down

After all the hype and stock pumping seems like dark clouds are gathering above CCIV shareholders on Thursday. According to this latest post on TheFly, Lucid Motors -Churchill Capital Corp IV (NYSE:CCIV) merger is not a “done deal” after all.

The merger talks between Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV) and Lucid Motors are in “no way” a done deal, CNBC’s David Faber reports, citing sources. Bloomberg on January 11 reported that electric vehicle maker Lucid is in talks to go public through a merger with one of Michael Klein’s special purpose acquisition companies, Churchill Capital Corp IV. A transaction could be valued at up to $15B, sources told Bloomberg.

CCIV stock price is down in the first trading hour following this news after it briefly touched all time high of $20.14.


  1. Ale

    He cited no sources, it was literally just his opinion…


  3. James Hickman

    What a garbage article and yet it’s still manipulating the market. I find it very likely for lucid to go public with a SPAC given their production time. An IPO would just make zero sense and CCIV is the most promising SPAC. Please stop posting these baseless attack articles and let the market do it’s thing.


      AMEN to that. Stupid reporter/analyst or whoever wrote that. I like what the Fool wrote. At east they say nothing has been finalized and could fall apart. They also advise to be careful. Not in those words but you get the point. I like LUCID because they are ready to start production.

  4. Sunny

    This article is just click bait. Horrible writing with no real source or links to any factual proof. Lucid motors recently posted jobs for Director of Investor Relations and SEC Reporting Manager on its website.

    So looks like going public is their goal.

  5. yang

    Yup, he’s a Trump supporter

  6. Benjamin

    Lucid Motors are amazing and so are Churchill CCIV, either way it looks like a merger is going to happen and this bearish article is why I stopped using Idahoreporter a long time ago you guys are damaging your own companies reputation so bad with articles like this

  7. Corey

    This might be the dumbest article I have ever read. WTF was this?

  8. The guy who wrote this needs to be fired. I’ll comment an update when I’m on the beach and my shares have tripled.

    • Piyush Rastogi

      I just hear about this stock and started with a small 5 K investment – Hoping that this merger will come to fruition

  9. Matt

    WOW actual idiot. Market manipulation much?

  10. Wallace

    They probably wrote this so they could catch a dip before they bought more.hey probably wrote it to hope for a drop so they could buy at a better price

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