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Asia, Crime

Indian rape victim that was set on fire dies due to cardiac arrest in Delhi’s hospital, her last words :”Save me, I don’t want to die, I want to see them hang to death”

Asia, Crime

Parents mercilessly stone their daughter , 10 in “honor killing” in rural Pakistan


Mass Shooting in Pensacola, 4 dead including Saudi shooter, 4 wounded in hospital, 3 treated at a site, 2 deputies shot.

Asia, Crime

In a shocking case of ‘honour killing’ father electrocutes his daughter and slits her throat with a machete for falling in love.


Pelosi wants Trump impeached, he says to get on with it so country can get back to business


India’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill to exclude Muslims

Africa, Crime

South African policeman who “liked nice things and fashion”sentenced to 30 years’, for killing Nigerian drug diller, while high on cocaine

Asia, Crime

Russian Trans woman sentenced to likely fatal three years in prison for posting manga on social media


United Airlines ditches Boeing and orders 50 new planes from Airbus for transatlantic route expansion.


Three and a half year sentence for an Irish man who covered house in urine on Christmas Day

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