Eurozone Markets

French authorities fined Bloomberg €5 MILLION for dissemination of fake news

Paris,France France’s financial markets watchdog (AMF) fined Bloomberg € 5 million ($5.5 million) for publishing false information about the financial situation at Vinci, a French construction company. The report caused a 18% drop in the company’s shares and a loss of € 6 billion in overall market value. The mentioned report was made by the journalists of Bloomberg […]

Automotive Industries National

Cadillac’s 2021 Escalade OLED display screen will be more powerful than most people’s home TVs

Caddilac released a teaser video offering a sneak preview of its new 38-inch curved OLED screen to be brought out with its new 2021 Escalade. According to Cadillac it will have “twice the pixel density of a 4K television.” The majority of infotainment systems are placed in a small space at the centre of the […]

Markets National

Stay in a Scottish castle for a week, drink coffee, get $5000 “salary” check and $2000 spending money !

If you would like to live in a castle, drink Gevalia coffee and get paid for your efforts, it’s time to move to Scotland! Coffee company Gevalia Kaffe would like to hire a coffee aficionado to live in a castle in Scotland for a week. In addition to drinking bottomless coffee, the lucky “coffee queen” […]


Japan takes DIY to a new level with a funeral “Kit”

Funeral prices in Japan are sky high at around 2 million yen( $18K). A company called Tsubasa in the Nagano prefecture have decided to make things a little easier on the pocket by offering a DIY Funeral Kit. Although you wouldn’t exactly be able to do it yourself, at least you will be able to […]


McDonald’s Idaho adds to charity with small change

McDonald’s Idaho have launched a program where customers can, instead of taking all their change, they can “round up” to the next dollar and the balance will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). This announcement was made on Tuesday by McDonald’s and will replace the old boxes where customers used to be […]


Four Girls attacked by Russian nationalists for holding hands

ST PETERSBURG, Russia: A group of four girls were attacked by young men on Ligovsky Prospect in the center of St. Petersburg for being suspected lesbians.— кел (@cell__lupus) December 11, 2019 The group of young men saw the girls holding hands and started harassing them. The girls sought shelter in a nearby coffee shop, […]


GRAPHIC VIDEO- Iraq protest reaches fever pitch as 16-year-old is killed and strung up by a mob that cheered and took selfies.

BAGHDAD, IRAQ: On Thursday, a 16-year-old boy was killed and strung up by his feet in a central Baghdad square. An angry mob attacked him after he allegedly killed two shop keepers and four anti-government protesters. +18 #ISIS has changed its name to #Iraq and is called '' DEMONSTRATORS '' … a mob lynched, killed, […]


Siri call to 911 saves young man trapped in sinking car

Firefighters were able to respond to 18-year-old Gael Salcedo’s emergency thanks to his quick thinking and save him from his sinking car. Salcedo lost control of his car when he hit a patch of ice on his way to North Iowa Area Community College. It skidded into the Winnebago River and rapidly started to sink. […]


Colombia wants to sue Walmart over Christmas sweater with Santa snorting “Colombian snow”

Walmart is facing a potential law suit over a Christmas sweater that was advertised for sale on its Canadian website. The sweater features Santa Claus sitting behind a table with three lines of cocaine and the words: “Let it snow”. The description on the website however, is what prompted a Colombian government agency to threaten […]

Crime Markets

Three Americans arrested in $722M “crypto Ponzi scheme”

Federal officials announced the arrest of three men on Tuesday who were involved in a cryptocurrency scam which robbed investors of $722 million. The three men, Matthew Goettsche, 37, Jobadiah Weeks, 38, and Joseph Abel, 49 had been running a business named BitClub Network since 2014, that supposedly mined for cryptocurrency, selling shares in this […]