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Bill Gates from his 66,000 square feet mansion:”We can’t restart the economy soon” because “there are piles of bodies out there”

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Warren Buffett takes another blow as Heinz Ketchup sales are going down due to stay-at-home orders

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American Airlines to employees: Expect layoffs and 20% pay cuts, and that’s if AA gets bailout

Eurozone, Markets, National CEO in the letter to employees:”It is going to get worse before it gets better”.

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NexTier Oilfield Solutions to cut its capital spending 50%, due to difficult market conditions

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Royal Caribbean not waiting for a bailout, secures $2.2B loan from J.P. Morgan, BofA,BNP and Goldman Sachs

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CEO of 3M:” more than 500,000 respirators are on the way to NYC and Seattle”

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Warren Buffett now owns 10% of Delta Air Lines, United,American and Southwest. So why would they need a bailout?

how to cancel expedia trip coronavirus

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How to get a refund from Expedia if your trip or flight was cancelled due to coronvirus?

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Oregon marijuana sales 420% stronger near Idaho

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