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Healthcare, Industries, Markets, National CEO, Glenn Fogel, positive for Coronavirus

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VISA reports “rapid deterioration of cross-border travel related spending”

Industries, National

Six Flags to reduce salaries by 25% and remain closed until May 15

Industries, Investments, Markets, National

United Airlines CEO in the letter to employees:”we expect demand to remain suppressed for months, possibly into next year”

Industries, National

American Airlines CEO to employees:”We’ve never experienced anything quite like this, but demand will return”

Industries, National

Alaska’s cruise line industry could lose $1.5 billion due to coronavirus

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You paid taxes and Delta Air Lines DIDN’T. Now they are getting taxpayers’ money.

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Warren Buffett takes another blow as Heinz Ketchup sales are going down due to stay-at-home orders

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Delta Air Lines, United and AA are getting a bailout but they are not giving refunds for cancelled flights

Industries, Markets, National

American Airlines to employees: Expect layoffs and 20% pay cuts, and that’s if AA gets bailout

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