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Smile Direct Club (SDC) is in free fall. What Now?

Healthcare, Industries, Markets, National CEO, Glenn Fogel, positive for Coronavirus

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Bill Gates from his 66,000 square feet mansion:”We can’t restart the economy soon” because “there are piles of bodies out there”

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Ford will use F150 parts and 3D printing to produce Air-Purifying Respirators

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CEO of 3M:” more than 500,000 respirators are on the way to NYC and Seattle”

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Delta Air Lines flight attendants refuse to offer disinfectant wipes to passengers in economy class

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PepsiCo to hire 6,000 new employees and to provide a free COVID-19 testing along with reimbursement of $100 a day for child care

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Russian infectious disease specialist hides trip to Europe and gets infected with coronavirus

Eurozone, Healthcare

Five UK tourists catch Coronavirus in a French ski resort called Contaminated Mount of Joy

Asia, Healthcare

Chinese authorities give new name to Wuhan coronavirus

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