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Palo Alto Networks to Acquire CloudGenix for $420M

Investments, Markets, National

Mesa Airlines under investigation over “possible violations of federal securities laws”

Industries, Investments, Markets, National

United Airlines CEO in the letter to employees:”we expect demand to remain suppressed for months, possibly into next year”

Entrepreneurs, Healthcare, Investments, Markets, National

Bill Gates from his 66,000 square feet mansion:”We can’t restart the economy soon” because “there are piles of bodies out there”

Eurozone, Industries, Investments, Markets, National

Warren Buffett takes another blow as Heinz Ketchup sales are going down due to stay-at-home orders

Industries, Investments, Markets, National

NexTier Oilfield Solutions to cut its capital spending 50%, due to difficult market conditions

DAL, Entrepreneurs, Industries, Investments, Markets, National

Warren Buffett now owns 10% of Delta Air Lines, United,American and Southwest. So why would they need a bailout?

Industries, Investments, National

Boeing prepares for bailout,suspends dividend, buybacks, CEO pay

DAL, Industries, Investments, National

Delta Air Lines Internal Memo: We are burning $50M in cash a day

Asia, Entrepreneurs, Investments, Markets

First ever Warner Bros-branded hotel on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

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