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Report finds new Medicaid payment system could cost millions

A new report by the Idaho Legislature’s watchdog shows that problems with the roll out of Idaho’s new Medicaid payment and processing system could cost the state several millions dollars in advanced payments to providers that may not be returned … Continue reading

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Idaho House kills another anti-texting bill

The Idaho House has killed a bill that sought clamp down on texting behind the wheel. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Marv Hagedorn, R-Meridian, is the result of several months of work with stakeholder groups, including insurance companies, the Idaho … Continue reading

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Lone urban renewal reform plan passes Senate

Idaho lawmakers considered 10 different pieces of reforms to urban renewal agencies this year, but so far just one plan that passed the Senate Tuesday has a chance to become law if signed by the governor and if changes are … Continue reading

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Final piece of education reform plan heads to House for a vote

Superintendent Tom Luna’s education reform plan is nearing completion, thanks to a vote by the House Education Committee Tuesday to send the final piece of the package to the House. Panel members voted 12-6 to pass Senate Bill 1184, the … Continue reading

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House Democrats may delay session end to push for cigarette tax hike

A member of the leadership in the Idaho House says it’s possible that Democrats may try to delay the end of the 2011 legislative session to try to force the consideration of a bill that would hike the state’s cigarette … Continue reading

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Ada, Canyon emissions test expense could be reduced

Constituents in Ada County and Canyon County may be getting closer to not taking a hit financially if their vehicles do not pass the state-required emissions test. The House State Affairs Committee sent RS 20693, which would eliminate re-registration renewal … Continue reading

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Possible abortion loophole may close for teens on Medicaid

Idaho lawmakers will do away with a state rule that allows girls under the age of 18 and on Medicaid to receive taxpayer-funded abortions. Anti-abortion rights groups call the state policy a loophole, while officials with the Department of Health … Continue reading

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Renewable energy tax credit debate not dead yet

The ongoing debate over Idaho’s energy future and portfolio saw a new twist Monday thanks to Rep. Ken Roberts, R-Donnelly. Roberts, unhappy with a proposed deal that would allow state solar and wind producers to receive a sales tax rebate … Continue reading

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ITD given positive performance audit

Two years ago Idaho’s Office of Performance Evaluations (OPE) rated the Idaho Transportation Department’s (ITD) performance as subpar. Monday the House Transportation and Defense Committee heard the results of an independent audit that concluded much improvement has been made by … Continue reading

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New closed primary and voter registration plan introduced

A new plan for to close Idaho’s primary elections and require voters to register by parties could still allow independents to cast a vote in primaries, though party leaders would have the final say on such participation. The chairmen of … Continue reading

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