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Taxing smokers funded Capitol renovation, now earmarked for other state programs

Idaho’s tax on cigarettes funded the Capitol renovation project. That money will soon be funneled to other state programs and projects. What happens to the tax revenue stream that is devoted to paying for the state Capitol renovation project once … Continue reading

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National health care experts challenge Medicaid ‘death threat’ contention

Medicaid expansion was not addressed by the 2014 Legislature, but it is an issue likely to be debated by Republicans and Democrats in looking ahead to the 2015 session of the Idaho Legislature. Foot soldiers in the war to expand … Continue reading

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Bond elections: Taxpayer dollars spent to pursue more taxpayer dollars

Under Idaho law, a bond election can be presented to school district voters four times during a calendar year. In private enterprise it’s commonly understood that with startup business ventures one must first spend money in order to then make … Continue reading

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The issue that will not go away … what to do about Medicaid

Avik Roy, a senior scholar with the Manhattan Institute who specializes in health care issues, says it is folly to think that if the federal government lowers or drops its share of Medicaid funding that states will therefore eliminate Medicaid … Continue reading

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Now that Legislature has approved prison reform, what comes next in implementing it

Marc Pelka is the program director for the nationwide Counsel of State Governments. As Idaho officials have begun considering the implementation of the state’s sweeping new prison reform law passed by the Legislature, two key state agencies are taking a … Continue reading

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Expert calls for Idaho to audit its Medicaid program

Josh Archambault from the Foundation for Government Accountability believes the state should review its Medicaid rolls to determine if there are ineligible participants in the program. A national health policy expert is calling for Idaho to perform an audit of … Continue reading

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Auctioning of Payette Lake cottage sites garners favorable reaction

Rep. Terry Gestrin, R-Donnelly, says the auctioning of some Payette Lake cottage sites is a positive step by the Idaho Department of Lands. The Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) has announced the successful completion of an auction over the weekend … Continue reading

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Infrastructure improvements could come from taxes on cigarettes, construction materials

Sen. Jim Rice, R-Caldwell, believes money going to the general fund from taxes on road construction materials should be dedicated to infrastructure improvements. In the midst of a debate over how Idaho should finance its transportation infrastructure needs, the state … Continue reading

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Juvenile justice reform measure delayed until next legislative session

Sen. Curt McKenzie, R-Boise, says a measure to reform juvenile justice will be delayed a year because of some concerns expressed by the prosecuting attorneys from Ada and Canyon counties. In what was as an unusual display of agreement, members … Continue reading

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School districts permitted by law to hold a bond vote four times per year

Michael Law, a member of the Kuna school board, does not believe it is fair for the district to schedule a bond election for May after voters rejected it in March. Ever wonder why when a school bond fails that … Continue reading

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