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Idaho farm protection bill faces legal scrutiny

Rep. Ilana Rubel, D-Boise, believes the bill banning secretly filming alleged animal abuse is “speech and that is what we are criminalizing.” The Idaho Senate and the House approved the so-called the “ag-gag” measure, as it is referred to by … Continue reading

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License plate reader technology not widespread in Idaho

License plate reader technology is not widely used in Idaho. “License plate reading technology” has not caught on in Idaho with its use limited to just two regions of the state, but one law enforcement agency said it is considering … Continue reading

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Taxing smokers funded Capitol renovation, now earmarked for other state programs

Idaho’s tax on cigarettes funded the Capitol renovation project. That money will soon be funneled to other state programs and projects. What happens to the tax revenue stream that is devoted to paying for the state Capitol renovation project once … Continue reading

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National health care experts challenge Medicaid ‘death threat’ contention

Medicaid expansion was not addressed by the 2014 Legislature, but it is an issue likely to be debated by Republicans and Democrats in looking ahead to the 2015 session of the Idaho Legislature. Foot soldiers in the war to expand … Continue reading

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