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Why IDEX stock is moving higher today?

Ideanomics (NAADAQ:IDEX) stock is running high on Friday, following a rally on Thursday. Is there enough strength to keep the momentum?

Ideanomics CEO, Alf Poor, will present today on a panel at the FORCE Family Office & Roth Capital Partners EV Symposium, which is being held virtually. He will talk about the future of EV infrastructure and most recent acquisition of Utah based WAVE.

But besides this it seems like the time has finally come for IDEX shares to stay above $3. I previously announced that we may not see IDEX below $2 anymore and I am saying now that this EV play could go to double digits soon.


With Biden’s 100% clean energy plan we could expect massive amounts of new cash injected into EV industry. Ideanomics is a part of this industry after acquiring WAVE and a stake in Solectrac, California based producer of battery powered tractors.

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And while IDEX stock is still a very volatile EV play, the future is coming fast and $3 clean energy shares will not be around for a long time. Remember, this time last year one NIO share was trading at $3.38, the same price where IDEX is now. NIO stock is $57 today.

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