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WallStreetBets.com is For Sale on Flippa

Seems like someone has paper hands. WallStreetBets.com, a one-of-a-kind top-level domain is for sale on Flippa, an online marketplace for websites, domains, and apps.

Popularized by GME’s short squeeze, r/WallStreetBets (WSB) subreddit sparked widespread curiosity during never-seen-before battle between retail investors and hedge funds. Within a couple of days , “WallStreetBets” became one of the top things searched on Google and covered by nearly every news outlet. According to Google Trends searches peaked on January 28, but as GME stock rally started going in reverse things changed.

While most people were confused and scouring the internet for what “💎💎🙌🏾💎💎 Diamond Hands” meant, one man decided to turn this confusion into a business opportunity by selling wallstreetbets.com here.

But this seller is not the only one trying to bank on WSB notoriety. According to Deadline, many movies and book deals are being signed these days, while mods are fighting over subreddit rights.

We’ve been taken hostage by the top mods. They left for years and came back when they smelled money. They’ve been busy creating private email addresses to funnel all the press correspondence away for their own gain, talking shit about all of the active mods, and scrambling to get paid from some movie deal. That’s just what we know of. They refer to themselves as “the board of directors” and us as the minimods.

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Others, such as WSB creator Jaime Rogozinski, are busy giving interviews and selling movie rights to his “Life Story”.

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