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Short-seller Citron said it will report GME stock holders to FBI and SEC

In a bizarre turn of events, a short-seller Citron Research accused “angry mob who owns GME stock” of “commuting multiple crimes”, saying he will be turning to FBI, SEC and “other governmental agencies” to protect him and his family.

The move comes days after Wall Street Bets (WSB), a 1.9 million strong community where participants discuss stock and option trading, promoted Gamestop (GME) stock to new multi-year highs, while on other side Citron Research decided to protect short interest.

It all escalated on Thursday when Andy Left of Citron Research decided to post a video on Twitter explaining to his followers why investors should stay away from GME stock, and why it will go back to $20.


He complained how “too many people hacking Citron twitter” and how he will record and post that video later today.

This is where WSB members started posting funny videos and memes, such as this one, where they depicted Mr. Left as a man who is about to go bankrupt.

“Citron is starting to look a lot less like a “research company” and a lot more like just some guy tweeting from his apartment.”-said WSB user bnewm462– “Is Citron an actual thing? Is there a brick and mortar office building, with revenues and services, or is it literally just some guy making tweets with a lemon picture?”- asked the same social media poster.

Once renowned short-seller came back with a vengeance on Friday after market open, when he posted a message on his backup Twitter account where he said that:”What Citron has experienced in the past 48 hours is nothing short of shameful and a sad commentary on the state of the investment community”.


He then added that he will not make further comments regarding GME stock due to “angry mob who owns this stock” and how he will seeks justice with “the FBI, SEC, and other governmental agencies”.

He concluded how this is not about name-calling but “includes serious crimes such as harassment of minor children”.

Shares in GameStop rose as much as 6% in mid-day trading as many investors expect the GME short squeeze to continue from here.

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