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CCIV stock will recover, here is why

One of the largest SPAC deals this year is taking a beating on Tuesday pre-market. A deal between Churchill Capital IV (NYSE: CCIV ) and Lucid Motors is finally taking a final shape, and exactly this is the reason why CCIV stock is going down like a brick. The biggest problem is company valuation.


Ross Gerber was once again right when he said that you should take profits if you are 404% up on a stock.

But for all of you who believed Crazy Eddies and thought how buying at $60 was a great deal, I have a couple of words to reassure you.

CCIV stock price will go above $60…eventually.

Good old saying “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets” comes to my mind when I take a look at CCIV stock chart. So, if you are not buying now you are probably wrong. Why I say probably? Because the entire market is down for a week already, and no one can guarantee that CCIV will recover fast. If this was December last year I would jump in at this price without 2nd thought.

Serious shoppers know all too well that store pickings don’t get really juicy until the much hyped stock takes a beating. And I am sure some hedge funds are buying right now. Selloff came from retail side.

Nevertheless, with a run-up like this stock has had, there are bound to be some profit-takers. Savvy stock shopper wait for those pullbacks before jumping into new positions. So yes, I am recommending that investors take positions now or in the days to come, depending on overall market . I like the growth potential the company offers.


With the future in mind, Lucid’s AMP-1 factory has been designed to allow further expansion phases at the plant in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Lucid is already preparing for the second expansion phase, in which the production capacity is to be increased from 34,000 to 90,000 vehicles per year. The expansion is also intended to create the necessary additional capacity for the brand’s first SUV under the name Project Gravity, which is scheduled to go into production in summer 2023. In the coming years, Lucid plans to expand the factory to up to 400,000 vehicles per year.

Lucid Motors boss Peter Rawlinson plans to manufacture at least 6,000 Airs this year, and generate around $900 million in sales.

CCIV stock price prediction

If CCIV’s February 23rd 40% drop — and previous stock rise — show anything, it’s that the retail investors have many key ingredients necessary for success in this tough environment. Now, to keep investors happy, Lucid Motors will have to continue delivering on winning recipe before CCIV stock price makes another home run.

Going forward, beneficent underlying fundamentals, i.e., government support for clean energy and lower prices, should continue to support EV market.

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