Zuckerberg knows the drill, that is why Facebook, Inc.( NASDAQ: FB) stock will go up again – Idaho Reporter


Zuckerberg knows the drill, that is why Facebook, Inc.( NASDAQ: FB) stock will go up again

In the dispute between Donald Trump and the short message service Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) boss Mark Zuckerberg has surprisingly backed the U.S. president. Surprisingly for Twitter investors . On this news Twitter stock went down 2.5% again. On the other side FB stock price is almost the same as yesterday.

Mr. Zuckerberg knows that business is about making money, which is something TWTR owners still didn’t figure out. Making money, that is.

In a conversation with the “Fox News” Zuckerberg said that Facebook runs a different line than Twitter. “I just firmly believe that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth about everything that people say online.”

The founder and boss of the world’s largest social network added: “Private companies, especially platform companies, should probably not be in a position to do that.” Donald Trump then responded on Twitter, describing the Zuckerberg statement as an “obviously true statement”.


In fact, Facebook basically does not allow fact checks on statements by politicians – although the online network has been heavily criticized for this.

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey responded promptly, saying that “false or controversial information” about elections around the world would continue to be reported. That doesn’t make Twitter an “arbiter of the truth”. Meanwhile, Twitter also provided tweets from the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman with speculations about the origin of the corona virus with a fact check notice.

Someone will continue witch hunt and someone will continue to work for the people that invested in his company.

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  1. MD Froman

    Twitter Gestapo Head: Yoel Roth thought he could use Twitter to promote his Un-American political agenda and in doing so put a big target on Twitter’s back. Interfering in US Elections and censoring presidential communications during a crisis are both felony crimes and a history of it is seditious conspiracy.

    I dumped all of my Twitter stock upon hearing Zuckerberg’s tweet because the writing is on the wall.

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