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ZHUDING INTL (OTCMKTS: ZHUD) stock a Friday runner?

I have never heard of Zhuding International before Tuesday. I closely watched what is going on and noticed there is no pullback yet. If everything continues the way it started we can see 100% gains in a couple of days.

But have in mind that ZHUD stock is pretty much unknown to majority of investors and people will flock around it only if there is a huge volume. On Wednesday ZHUD stock had a 17,383,199 volume which is higher than its average (11M) volume. Five-Day Change is already +390.00% and it may look like you are late in the game but this is a $0.05 stock and things go fast at these levels.

What I do not like about this company is that it is Chinese owned. Not that I have something against Chinese, its just when I remember Luckin Coffee I tend to stay away. But Luckin was selling at $50 and this is a 5 cents share. So, less stress and more chances to strike gold.

Now lets take a look at balance sheet provided by ZHUD via OTCMARKETS on June 3rd.

This is what is driving the ZHUD price up:

-$52m revenue (2019)
-$39.5m assets vs $5.5m in Liabilities.

First quarter revenue($3.8M) is pretty much in line with 2019 numbers ($12M)

And of course there are a lot of day traders and investors talking about ZHUD online.


Some are saying stock price can go up to $1 and some say there is no luck there. Of course no one knows what will happen, but positive numbers are there and if this was US owned company I would suggest you to try your luck. But if this was the U.S. company it would probably be in dept.

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