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You can now trade XPEV stock in Europe

While we saw a huge RED Thursday on both NASDAQ and NYSE stock exchange, with XPEV stock losing more than 5% in a day, there is a good news for investors living in Europe. You can trade XPEV shares via now during this huge dip.

Because “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets” and the blood is out there now, so if you are not buying now you are missing out on the opportunity. Yes, this is a huge correction but Xpeng Inc (NYSE:XPEV) is a company that already delivered more than 20,000 vehicles so far.

In the run-up to the IPO, the price range of Xpeng Motors went from 11.00 to 13.00 dollars per share but was later pushed up to 15.00 dollars due to the great demand. The initial listing was $ 23.00, the high of the electric car start-up was $ 25.00. Ultimately, Xpeng’s stock closed at $ 22.30 on a first day. This means that you are now buying XPEV at the lower price than the one that was offered at the end of the IPO day.

Xpeng has several exciting investors on board. The smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has long been one of the shareholders.

Just a few weeks ago, a group of investors, including Aspex, Hillhouse and Sequoia, put another $ 400 million into the start-up.

Another positive aspect is the fact that Xpeng has received a license to build a new production facility in Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province.

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