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XPEV stock surges 20% amid above normal call volume

The day that XPEV stock holders have been waiting has come, double digit rally, almost a 20% jump in a single day.

What happened?

On October 12, I said that XPEV is among top 3 stocks for impatient investors and that you should jump on the EV bandvagin, but bot via Tesla or NIO. XPEV was an obvious, undervalued choice.

And acording to social media, XPEV call volume is above normal.


High volume in calls accompanied by higher prices, such as the case today, in the call indicates informed traders think good news may be announced. Some say that Biden win could be that good news, but in my eyes XPEV is a win-win stock no matter who takes the White House.

What now?

Obviously, we can expect some profit taking in the hours or days in front of us, because we cannot expect 20% jumps day after day after day.

So if you are invested in XPEV you can hold the stock, but if you want to enter now, stay safe because market can turn 180 degrees in a matter of minutes.

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