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Xiaomi CEO:We plan to hire 5,000 engineers in 2021

On November 5, 2020 during the Fourth Xiaomi Developer Conference hosted by Xiaomi and held in Beijing, we heard some news regarding Xiaomi future by its CEO Lei Jun.

  At the conference, Xiaomi released the intelligent assistant “Xiaoai Classmate 5.0”, showing the breakthroughs Xiaomi has made in the fields of cameras, screens, fast charging and wireless charging, and released “Personalized Dynamic Voice Recognition Technology” and “Nearby Wake Up Technology ”And many other industry-leading self-developed technologies.

  Lei Jun said: “All of this is possible because we insist on technology, and we will continue to increase investment in R&D, and take talents as the fundamental plan for Xiaomi’s development.”

  Last week, according to data from three well-known research institutions in the world, Xiaomi’s share in the global smartphone market ended up at third place.

“The mobile phone industry is extremely competitive. Because the companies in the the 3 are all the top companies in the world, and Xiaomi has twice reached the top three in the world, relying on its own strong technical strength. ” Lei Jun said at the meeting.

  At the beginning of this year, the smart factory established by Xiaomi was officially completed. Except for the placement machine, almost all equipment in the factoryis self-developed by Xiaomi and Xiaomi invested factories. In the first phase of the smart factory, the entire factory was loaded and it is fully automated.

Powerful tech requires the support of a strong talent team.

  Lei Jun said that this year the epidemic has affected all walks of life, but Xiaomi launched the largest campus recruitment since its establishment. In 2020, Xiaomi has hired a total of 2,252 university students, of which 1,470 have a graduate degree or above.

In 2021, Xiaomi will recruit 5,000 engineers, an increase of 50% on the basis of the existing engineer team, and plans to establish a world-class technical team to build Xiaomi into the world’s leading technology company.

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