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Wuhan food markets are selling wild animals, again.


With the opening of both middle and elementary schools, life has gradually returned to normal in Wuhan. The fireworks often light the night sky and netizens are sharing images unimaginable just a couple of months ago. Seems like everything is back to normal.

But among those good images, there have been some unbelievable scenes, again. According to The Paper, in Wuhan Tiansheng Street Vegetable Market and Changchun Road Vegetable Market, there are many merchants selling wild frogs at prices ranging from RMB 25 to RMB 30 (around $4)per catty( around 600 grams). The staff of the local market supervision bureau said that they will send staff to investigate if someone reports sellers. Of course this never happens.

The first thing to be clear is that capturing, selling, and eating wild frogs violates many Chinese laws and regulations. The “Wild Animal Protection Law” stipulates that “terrestrial wild animals with important economic and scientific value” should be protected, and frogs are one of them.

At the same time, the “Decision on the Total Banning of Illegal Wildlife Trade, Elimination of Bad Habits of Wild Animals, and Effective Protection of People’s Life, Health and Safety” promulgated and implemented this year also requires that all “Wild Animal Protection Law” and other relevant laws prohibit hunting, Trading, transportation, and eating of wild animals must be strictly prohibited. For violations of the law, heavier penalties will be imposed on the basis of existing legal provisions. Undoubtedly, catching, selling, and eating wild frogs will be severely punished by regulations.

Although there is no definitive conclusion as to where and what kind of animal the new corona virus originated from, to some extent, it has become a social consensus that catching, selling, or eating wild animals such as bats or frogs is a big no-no.


  1. Ashley Mills

    Whoever wrote this is stupid, no offense. Don’t Americans also eat wild animals like lobsters and crabs? How is it any different if frogs are eaten in Asia? It’s a widespread and common thing to eat over there, unlike bats (which the writer obviously randomly throws in at the end). Don’t be a hypocrite and act like you’re morally superior as if Americans don’t grind baby chicks alive for chicken nuggets and slaughter cows for burgers.

    • Corrie

      Oh shut up. They clearly state in the article where this is directly violating a law to protect wildlife.

      Maybe cut your virtue signaling, nobody cares about chicken nuggets. We’re talking Wuhan reopening it’s wet markets to sell live wild animals, which again, is against the law there.

      When it becomes illegal to take farm raised chickens and turn them into food, then you can cry all you want.

      You’re paid Chinese propaganda and everyone sees it.

    • Snowkin

      This isn’t a ‘morally superior’ issue.

      First of all, as noted in the article, it is /illegal/ in their /own country/ to have these wet markets with live animals. Second of all, the issue isn’t eating (insert X animal here), but the issues of sanitation that are being brought to light. Animals stacked on top of each other, defecating on one another, multiple species piled together, etc.

      These conditions allow for movement of zoological disease across species that normally wouldn’t be in such close proximity and can lead to the merging and development of viruses that can then jump from animals to humans.

      Sure, we eat lobsters and crab, which are kept in tanks and can’t cross contaminate. Yes, we eat cows and chickens, which are processed in their own facilities. Everyone is free to eat what they want, assuming it’s legal in their country. That’s not the issue at hand and is a very blatant attempt to

      Also, the little tid-bit at the end about bats? /Also illegal to consume in China/ (and many other countries, as they are huge vectors for disease).

    • Lobsters and Crabs can be farmed. The difference is the process. The whole point of livestock is that it is a process that makes food close to 100% disease free vs catching animals in the wild like bats that will hang upside down and crap on themselves. Perhaps try to understand where it’s coming from instead of preaching as if we’re all new to veganism..

    • Kim Magnuson

      I agree. Americans eat squirrels, frog legs, snails, crabs, lobsters, balut, etc. This China bashing has to stop. For goodness sake. Japanese eat oyster gonads.

      • Sean

        I’m sure you would be singing a different tune if you lost your job and a loved one to this zoonotic scourge. It isn’t about the “eww” factor, it’s about the close proximity of multiple species in densely populated cities that have given us pandemics like this and the first SARS of 2002.

        • Kim Magnuson

          People lose their lives to various diseases. Look at those that have died in Decatur, AL due to cancers caused by 3M products. Are you raising issues about that? People have lost their lives to trichinosis as well as loads of folks dying from tainted vegetables in central valley in the past. Again, my comment was about Americans and others eating odd wild animals as well as pointing out the huge disparity caused by very very very bad response in America to covid 19 with now over 194,000 deaths while S. Korea now has only about 355 total covid 19 fatalities and Taiwan far less than that and Vietnam also much much lower. They are back to work and Americans are busy contaminating each other without masks. Go figure.

  2. jim

    Can’t blame the people who want to decouple. The US should slap sanctions on them and stop all travel from China in the future, even people who are from other countries but have been to China in the past year should be prohibited from entry.

    • Kim Magnuson

      absolutely stupid to decouple. Make friends before you need them. Already, due to our pathetic covid19 response, Americans are banned from entering over 108 countries. S. Korea has only 346 fatalities and the US over 190,000. You are safer in China than US anymore when it comes to diseases.

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