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Will HYLN and WKHS Stocks Sink More By 2021?

Workhorse Group (NASDAQ:WKHS) and Hyliion (NYSE:HYLN) stocks have been the most volatile stocks since the end of the summer. Just looking at 6 months charts, of both HYLN and WKHS, you will notice a couple of big ups and downs.

Chart line goes up on hopes and pumping, chart goes down on news and dumping.

Are these shares a buy now, when market is going down?

It is the end of the year and I already suggested (when it comes to HYLN) that we will not see the end-of-the-year rally. On the other side, just 24 hours ago I warned you that there is imminent danger ahead for Workhorse shares.

HYLN is down again under $20 and WKHS stockholders started selloff disappointed with another USPS contract delay. The decision date is now set for Q2/2021. Seems like everyone is on the edge but have in mind this was expected after the previous Board meeting that I cannot find a link to right now, but no one even mentioned this deal back then. This was some 2 weeks ago.

Bearish case for HYLN is simple as 1,2,3. The only thing that can push Hyliion shares towards September all time high ($55-ish) is a huge new contract. Do you expect this to happen prior to January? Me neither.

Bullish case for HYLN is the fact that simplicity of operation will be essential for the technology’s adoption and Hyliion tech seems simple enough to make it.

Bearish case for Workhorse is, again, connected with USPS deal. No deal no money, no money stock goes down indefinitely. They need something else besides USPS delivery van to move forward. Another catalyst and if possible not to get involved with public companies again. You need at least 3 big clients to swim in the waters. No matter if you are single guy LLC or a NASDAQ listed company.

Bullish case for WKHS stock is in the factory, know-how and people. They know how to create something, they have a factiry but they are still not sure how to capitalize on that, at least for now. No one knows what is brewing behind the curtains, maybe Amazon deal or UPS deal or something similar.

Instead of conclusion

Both Hyliion and Workhorse are coming into the fight with strong technology, wide appeal across many industries and broad corporate backing. But it will also need time. Even enthusiasts are treading carefully.

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