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Why TTCF stock may see $15 before $30

Tattooed Chef (NASDAQ:TTCF) stock is bleeding red on Wednesday, will this trend continue?

Another bad day for SPAC related stocks, with TTCF being the biggest disappointment, at least for me, on Wednesday. But here is one good news. Tattoed Chef announced today that they are finally moving forward with their E-com site.

On Monday, October 26, 2020 everyone will be able to order their products online.

“I believe this is the next step in the evolution of the Tattooed Chef,” said Sam Galletti, President and CEO of Tattooed Chef. “This has been an impactful year for us. We have continued to expand our distribution and have record revenue; we have added to our executive leadership team and last week we became a publicly traded company. Next, the launch of our e-commerce site will enhance the reach for all Tattooed Chef products. I have never been more confident in the growth opportunities for Tattooed Chef, and I am so excited for the future.”

Seems like CEO is happy with the results so far, but is there something else that is putting a pressure on TTCF shares?

What the future holds for TTCF?

What has me concerned is the larger picture. If TTCF sells their products from COSTCO to Target, and stock price is still going down, what does this say about demand for those products?

Of course, it’s never wise to make sweeping generalizations based on one company’s input. For that, we’re going to need to hear more from others in the plant-based food chain — something to keep in mind as we head into the onslaught of quarterly reports.

But here is the biggest problem

The biggest problem for emerging and young companies right now is the fact that presidential elections are just around the corner and Cash is the King at the moment.

You cannot get a huge rally on a new stock in a such a small niche at the point when the future regarding pandemic and politics is so uncertain.

I still think TTCF is a great company,y but the timing is wrong.


  1. Victor

    It’s a good time to buy and hold. Bottom picking is really hard.

  2. Tina

    Worst “article” of all time

  3. Johnny Granados

    I believe the reason the for the stock price not being $30+ is more due to lack of PR. Also, this is no longer a SPAC and hasn’t been a SPAC since Oct. 15th. This is a solid business with sound fundamentals and room to grow. Once this is promoted as A company and not a SPAC, people will jump on it. It’s unfortunate that there has been nothing coming from CNBC talking about this company, instead they are talking about BYND, which I personally think their products are mediocre. Hopefully ppl wake up.

    • Ash

      Totally agree. CNBC is a place mostly for stock pumper CEOs who has nothing but the stock itself to offer, no real product to sell forget making profit> Trevor Milton, Henrick Fisker (yes this guy conned gov fund last time with his EV startup that ended up in Congressional hearing)

  4. JohnMichael

    * Plant based foods in a small niche? In it’s infancy it is already a multi-billion $ category growing in double digits. Large animal based food companies (even organic foods) are getting killed by the plant based alternatives. Not a niche but a massive consumer trend.
    * This company just emerged from SPAC to Nasdaq days ago. It is common to see a rise and fall and VERY rare not to see a decline. (Facebook, Uber, Lift, Amazon). TTCF is following the standard trend after the initial excitement.
    * Private label and branded contracts with the most demanding retailers in the food and beverage business (Costco, Walmart, Target). If TTCF can please them, they are a top supplier.
    * Owning their own manufacturing is rare for a start up. These guys control their own costs, QC and production capabilities. That is something even many larger companies do not have and are thus forced to co-pack.
    * Tattooed Chef is killing it. with 101% YOY growth. I predict that companies like Wegmans will be going to them. The Tattooed Chef is a destination brand, consumers will seek it out as a life style, retailers will have to have it on their shelves. I know from experience that is the way it works. Sorry but this article was just WAY off the mark.


    Guys and Gals, hold on to your stock. Buy more if it dips lower. You will have a big smile on your face when the triple digit stock was on $20. I think FMCI lost it’s steam because of the first vote for the merger which did not go through because of lack of investors showing up to vote. So it kind of petered out and never regained the momentum we usually see with good spacs. Still I’m surprised by the low volume following the merger. Perhaps with earnings in 2 weeks, TTCF will be back in the media and we will start seeing upward movement again. I think TTCF will be a great company with rapid growth, all while helping to create a better world. I’m proud to hold TTCF stock. You can help support a better world and make money at the same time. Does it get better than that? Good luck everyone!

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