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Why is Wirecard (ETR: WDI) stock price up today?

The worst seems to have passed by Wirecard stock price – at least on the stock exchange. After the payment service provider’s share dropped to down to 77.00 EUR on MAy 15th , the Wirecard (WDI) share went up more than 3% on Monday. Also an increase of more than 15 percent within five trading days gives a new hope for investors. And there were also good news items from operational business. Will that give the course more momentum in the upcoming week?

Wirecard announced that they will process credit card transactions in Europe for Xsolla, global video game business engine.

Thanks to Wirecard, we can provide a frictionless purchasing experience on our platform so that our customers can focus on what matters most to them: the gaming experience.

Anton Zelenin, head of payments at XSOLLA

Price Performance for Wirecard Ag

PeriodPeriod LowPeriod HighPerformance
1-Month72.030 +19.45%on 05/15/20Period Open: 132.600138.100 -37.70%on 04/27/20-46.560 (-35.11%)since 04/24/20
3-Month72.030 +19.45%on 05/15/20Period Open: 125.300140.160 -38.61%on 04/23/20-39.260 (-31.33%)since 02/25/20
52-Week72.030 +19.45%on 05/15/20Period Open: 155.000162.250 -46.97%on 05/28/19-68.960 (-44.49%)since 05/24/19

Also, the mood at European markets has brightened somewhat after a historic slump due to the Corona crisis.

The first easing of the corona restrictions sparked hope, commented IFO ( Institute for Economic Research) President Clemens Fuest. While the companies surveyed assessed the current situation somewhat poorly, the prospects for the coming half year were perceptibly better. The business climate brightened in all economic sectors examined by the IFO.

“The restart of the economy is a silver lining for many companies,” commented Thomas Gitzel, chief economist at Liechtenstein’s VP Bank.

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