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Why Hyliion (HYLN) may see $25 before $55

The ride for investors in HYLN stock will likely be choppy.

The special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) and a new energy sources boom have pushed the price of (NYSE:HYLN) stock to the highs back at the beginning of September. Since June Hyliion was having a great run but things started changing then and HYLN stock is now hovering around $40.

In late June, Tortoise Acquisition (NYSE: SHLL), a SPAC, announced that it had agreed to merge with Hyliion,a powertrain solution developer for Class 8 commercial vehicles . The combined entity changed its name to Hyliion Holdings Corp and its NYSE trading symbol to HYLN.

The young trucking company has been getting a lot of attention in recent weeks. Today, we’ll discuss what investors may expect from HYLN stock in the coming quarters.

Trucking Is Hot

According to recent research by Statista the U.S. Class 8 market is dominated by Freightliner (part of Daimler subsidiary Daimler Trucks North America) holding a market share of about 36.5 percent in December 2019 while in total, customers in the U.S. bought more than 276,000 heavy-duty trucks in 2019. Hyliion is after this huge market with its lower carbon emissions and lower cost of ownership solution. “Hyliion’s solutions were specifically developed to utilize existing infrastructure in an effort to support rapid technology deployment. Our mission is to enable our fleet customers to quickly realize lower carbon emissions and significantly lower cost of ownership benefits provided by our technology.”-said Thomas Healy, CEO and founder of Hyliion.

What to Expect From HYLN Stock

Although the industry in which HYLN stock operates is rapidly changing, there has been some discussion about the trucking lately, especially thanks to Nikola Corp (NKLA) GM deal followed by NKLA stock scandal and a huge drop.

This was definitely not the best timing for companies to hit the market using SPACs, especially for the companies in the same niche as Nikola.

In addition to this concerns, I’d also like to highlight the volatile price moves SPAC reverse mergers exhibit. Most SPACs start trading around $10. SHLL stock moved to over $31 following merger announcement in Jun. This means that in a matter of days, SHLL more than tripled to hit an all-time high of 31.84 on Jun. 29.

Another spike that almost doubled the value of HYLN was on Sept. 2 and things started getting slow from thereon. This was a chance for early investors to sell for a hefty profit. Another sort-of-a-catalyst will be happening tomorrow, Monday morning, when CEO of Hyliion will be ringing the opening bell at NYSE. But this might be “sell the news” event.

But not all SPAC reverse mergers end up becoming successful or creating shareholder value. Quite a number of such listed-companies eventually go below $10. Therefore, it is too soon to tell if HYLN stock will be able to create a boom in the market with Tesla (TSLA) and Nikola (NKLA) promising low-emission trucks coming our of their production facilities in the years to come.


On the other side, Mr. Healy said, referring to NKLA. “With hydrogen fuel cells, you need to build out all this infrastructure. We already have over 700 natural gas stations. The capital we’re bringing in, we’re using to develop and deploy the technology.”


  1. David Traub

    We aren’t Nikola. We have a huge market-cap as you mentioned. No reason for this to go to $25. Logically, this should boom due to the attention coming next week and the relatively low price it’s at compared to its all time high.

    • Stef

      why is it at 29 now? the article itself seems like a fallacy but its predictions are pretty close so far…

      • On it’s way to $19 to 25 range. If it goes below that floor, run for the hills. Otherwise, buy more and then brace yourself for the rocket shot back up and hopefully to $70 or more. I am either a fool parting with his money or brilliant. But lookin at the charts, this is my prediction and how I am playing this.

  2. very poor article with its lack of arguments!

  3. CS

    Your headline says “Why Hyliion May hit $25 before $55”, yet your article fails to build any case as to why. Do you have an affiliation to someone with a short interest in this stock? It just doesn’t make much sense otherwise…

    • Mark

      Trust me clearly a bear talking utter rubbish ! Like your just trying to panic everyone to sell so you can buy in cheap this stock is a amazing stock !

  4. Jeff Diz

    Stock has already hit $55. Article makes no sense.

  5. Dwight Karlsen

    Lame article! Nothing in here except to rehash old Tesla semi order from Walmart-which did nothing for their stock btw. I think Robert Reed is long TSLA and is disappointed how the Walmart semis order dis zero good for the stock-in fact I think it went down because the Tesla semis won’t be produced until 2022-oh yeah Robert forgot about that.

    • Ed Delgado

      Tesla market Focus on new trucks, HYLN it’s about conversion of a semi trucks in the road to the new technology. So your add is useless

    • It is already $28 and no hope of resisting any further fall. No analyst is covering it and no news. Pretty sure it can fall to $25 in couple of days.

  6. Adam

    Change the title of this click- bait

  7. Scott A Michals

    This ladies and gentlemen is called a paid “hit piece” and is used to spread doubt and misinformation in hope of moving the stock price down. Author offers no points as to why stock price could lower except to say that there was a scandal at a different company and that tesla is building a semi.

    • Angela

      It sure is dropping though! The numbers speak for themselves. Every morning it’s decreasing by 1-2$. It seems like the prediction is spot on to me.

  8. cedric

    You said Hyln will hit 25USD in the headline but no description in the actual writeup. You are misleading investors with no proper evidence. Your talks do not make any sense.

  9. Poor

    This covers tesla and NKLA, nowhere does it discuss the fundamentals of HYLN, the patents it holds, the customers it has already, the fact that it already has product on road… you know things NKLA doesn’t have….

  10. Richard

    The recent price declines is due to profit taking by those that bought in early. This is a solid company with an experienced professional leadership team. State laws are already putting laws in place to remove gas fueled vehicles. The growth potential and market is massive.
    HYLN is actually set to go up from where it is now. The facts show this.

  11. Mark

    This is pure lies why are you saying could see $25 dollars but you give no clear reason other than “some space go back to 10 “ LOL that’s like saying Tesla could go back to 10 dollars or ANY stock on the market could crash but your not giving any clear reasons you know why il tell you why there is a nothing negative to say about this company your just gutted you never brought them so I smell a hatred in the air I smell a bear tryin to drive the price down for him to buy in looser

  12. 3.2M Investro

    Just dumping the price before huge buy orders…
    This article is so silly.
    Moon soon.

  13. Jeff Johnson

    Typical crap short seller article.Now tell us about all the law firms investigating HYLN. POS so called journalism.Get a pro- ductive job and do something positive with your life you loser.

  14. I wish you were right so ai could buy in more, but those of us who have done our research knows this isn’t the case outside of a major black swan event.

    • It is already $28 and no hope of resisting any further fall. No analyst is covering it and no news. Pretty sure it can fall to $25 in couple of days.

  15. Sally

    The only thing that I could think of that Tesla is better than hyillion is the popularity. Nothing else is. Hyllion ErX is better in saving cost , better sustainability , better technology and production in 2021. Wait til everyone knows about the technology. Stock will pop ! By the way the title is misleading. 🙁

  16. Down near 14 percent this morning. Profit taking, or a self-fullfilling prophecy. I am not sure how the fundamentals are effecting this nose dive just yet.



  18. Howie Mimms

    Looks like the article is pretty spot on to me

  19. TM

    Despite any arguments its $28 now.

  20. TM

    Despite any arguments its $28 now

  21. Anonymous

    technical chart takes support at 26.89 not sure about the content of the article but the title is spot on.

    if it breaks 25.38. then you can exit


    it is already $28.775 from $52

  23. Tom R

    Check out the market engineer on YouTube he’s covering the shorts in this a lot

  24. Ria

    This aged well

  25. Jerry

    Well, pretty much hit the nail on the head, we’re at 25.37 today.

    • Bob Stockpile

      23.10 now. I lost my tail on this stock. At $20 I’m out and taking my 30+% loss like a baby. 🙁

      • George Ayers

        Don’t take the 30+%. Wait until Friday morning (23 Oct 2020) to make that decision. Catch the rebound at RSI 30 and hold on tight.

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