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Why Digital Ally Stock Dropped Today

Shares of Digital Ally (NASDAQ:DGLY) declined more than 3.00% on Wednesday during pre-market session after the Company announced that the DoJ Bureau of Justice Assistance and the BWC TTA team has established programs and resources to equip law enforcement agencies with body cameras.

So what now?

Digital Ally’s subscription program shares went up more than 500% up in less than a month time. “Digital Ally is pleased to announce its new subscription program”-Digital Ally announced their Body Cam Subscription Program – starting at $49.99/mo.

The program’s product lineup includes lightweight, weather-resistant FirstVu HD body camera, including VuLink® auto-activation technology. After a great timing stock price went up.

However, judging by the nearly 10% plunge (from its yesterday’s highs) of Digital Ally stock on Tuesday, investors were unimpressed.

What is next for DGLY?

Digital Ally is highly interested in becoming one of the leading body-worn camera suppliers, not only to police departments but to any local communitiy interested in implementing and/or changing BWC policy.

Communities without body-worn cameras are considering adopting the technology and those with existing body-worn camera programs are revisiting their policies and procedures to ensure that the technology is used effectively and responsibly


In spite of this investors appear to be taking some profits off the table ,since they are not sure the surge will continue.

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