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Who is China’s ambassador to Israel that was found dead

The Chinese ambassador in Israel, 57-year-old Du Wei, was found dead in his home in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv, police said, it is reported by the Reuters Agency. No reason was given for the diplomat’s death.

“Police units are on site as part of the normal procedure,” said a police spokesman, quoted by Reuters.

Israeli TV Channel 12, citing anonymous medical rescuers, reported that the initial signals indicate that the diplomat died in a dream of natural causes.

Ambassador Du was appointed Beijing’s envoy to Israel in February this year, right in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, AP notes. Earlier he was the ambassador of the PRC in Ukraine. He left his wife and son who were not with him in Israel. AP points out that Israel has good relations with China.

The ambassador’s death occurred just two days after he condemned comments from visiting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who criticized Chinese investment in Israel and accused Beijing of concealing information about the coronavirus epidemic, AP notes.

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