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What is United’s ‘CleanPlus’ program and are they going to stick with it?

Today, United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL) introduced United CleanPlus initiqative which is the company’s

“commitment to putting health and safety at the forefront of the entire customer experience, with the goal of delivering an industry-leading standard of cleanliness.”

United CleanPlus brings together Clorox and Cleveland Clinic – to inform and guide United’s new cleaning, safety and social distancing protocols that will include:

-touchless kiosks in select locations for baggage check-in,

-sneeze guards,

-mandatory face coverings for crew and customers

-giving customers options when flights are more full.

United also said that

Clorox products will be used at United’s hub airports and medical experts from the Cleveland Clinic will advise on new technologies, training development and quality assurance programming.

Sounds like a lot of fancy words, not sure if this will work like the so-called “middle seat blocking” a few weeks ago when the plane was packed.

Anyways, without further delay, here is a re-cap of what United Clean Plus is all about:

In Airport Lobbies:

  • Reducing touchpoints by temporarily shutting down self-service kiosks and beginning to roll out touchless kiosks that allow customers to print bag tags using their own device to scan a QR code.
  • Actively promoting social distancing with enhanced signage, including a 6-foot rule at the ticket counters that allow for minimal contact between agents and customers.
  • Deploying sneeze guards at key interaction points, including at our check-in counters.

At the Gate:

  • Boarding fewer customers at a time to allow for more distance during the boarding process, minimizing crowding at the gate and jet bridge.
  • Asking our customers to self-scan their boarding passes at our gate readers.
  • Equipping our employees with disinfecting products available so they can disinfect high-touch areas including armrests and handrails.

In the United Clubs:

  • Protective sneeze guards installed at credentialing desks and customer services to minimize contact between travelers and employees
  • Requiring employees to use personal protective equipment
  • Increased frequency of cleaning for high-touch surfaces and equipping employees with disinfectant-cleaning products
  • Removed seating at the bar area to actively promote physical distancing
  • Pre-packaged food and beverages are only available at the bar area to reduce customer touch points

Shares of United Airlines Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: UAL) stock are down $60 since February 5th.

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