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Wayfair Inc (NYSE: W) stock sinks on conspiracy theory chatter.

Wayfair stock price went down 2.17% on Friday following the “Human trafficking” rumor started at Reddit Conspiracy when one of the Reddit users posted this tweet.


The fire was started and then suddenly all hell broke loose with many news sites covering this story, one of them being Newsweek.

“The sad part is there are so many kids it’s ONLY $10K to buy a fucking human? Like supply and demand have lowered it to 10k? Jesus. You cant even buy a new car for 10k.”-noted one of the Reddit users.

Soon after the rumor went viral, many products with missing kids names are removed from Wayfair site.

“…this is one of those things you gotta look into. Like this shit is crazy and looking at the prices of the cabinets and then seeing the names of missing kids from this year going with them is insane.”-commented another Reddit user.

Hours after the news started trending on Twitter some prominent Twitter accounts, usually covering stock markets, commented on this matter. One of them being Alex Cutler, the newest investing guru.


It remains for us to see what will Monday bring for Wayfair share price, but some social media users say that this is another Pizzagate type of conspiracy theory that will not take down the value of Wayfair.com

Wayfair share price bounced back in the last trading hour from $220 to $223 showing the strength during the rough times, closing only $7 below its all time high price.

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