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VW (VOW3) to cut 9,5K jobs in Austria and Germany so MAN could become a leader in hydrogen powered vehicles

In Germany and Austria, up to 9,500 jobs are to be cut at MAN Truck & Bus, as MAN (part of Volkswagen) announced on Friday in Munich. All parts of the company are affected. By 2023, an improvement in earnings of around 1.8 billion euros should be achieved. At least these are the “current considerations” of the newly formed management. Now the foreseeable heated discussion with the employees begins.

Part of MAN boss Andreas Tostmann’s plans is to partially relocate production and development to other locations. “We are facing major challenges from technological change – in terms of digitization, automation and alternative drives,” said Tostmann. “We therefore need a realignment of MAN Truck & Bus in order to become significantly more innovative, digital and sustainably more profitable.” The production site in Steyr, Austria, and the plants in Plauen (Saxony) and Wittlich (Rhineland-Palatinate) could completely fall victim to the renovation plans.

For some time now, there has been a major downsizing at MAN because the group’s costs were too high even before the Corona crisis. MAN belongs to Scania like its Swedish sister brand and the Brazilian VW subsidiary Volkswagen Caminhoes e Onibus to the VW commercial vehicle holding Traton . MAN is the larger part of VW’s heavy commercial vehicle business, but Scania’s profitability is usually better, also because the Swedes concentrate on the large heavy-duty trucks.

Gründler and Tostmann want to make MAN one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers for electric and hydrogen drives by the middle of the decade. In the coming years, manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles in the EU, as well as for passenger cars, will have to significantly reduce the climate-damaging CO2 emissions of newly sold vehicles, which is why the competition from Daimler will also be there and Volvo is increasingly relying on electric and hydrogen drives.

The management board wants to secure the future of the company in a rapidly changing world, said Tostmann. “We have therefore asked the employee side to accept our offer to talk,” said the manager.

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