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VTIQ is officially NKLA stock on Thursday. What you need to know

The latest news is in. On Thursday morning June 4t, 2020 Nikola Motor Company (NASDAQ:NKLA) will ring the opening bell. It was a wild ride since February for VTIQ investors and now the ticker changed to NKLA after merger was approved by VectoIQ shareholders.


Nikola Motor Company is looking to change the world by introducing worlds first hydrogen powered semi truck and hydrogen powered heavy duty pickup truck. Through the backdoor merger shares of VTIQ today became shares of NKLA.

If you bought VTIQ shares back at $10 or $20 and are thinking now of selling them for a profit-think again. This is the technology of the future. They are the first and the biggest to do this. In 10 years from now, NKLA stock price can go all the way to $800. Where did I pull this number from?

You see, back in 2010 there was this new company headed by eccentric millionaire. The company had a modest IPO and soon after stock fell below the IPO price. The price of one share of that new company was $25 back then. That company was and still is TESLA.

According to one of the “experts” from Fool.com Tesla stock had no clear future and..

when you consider that Tesla lacks any real scale to compete against green-focused giants Ford and Nissan, I know I’d be selling at the first opportunity. With skepticism steadily growing on Wall Street about just how fast Tesla will be able to grow, Mr. Market might not be ready to support the flood of new shares

If you had 1000 shares of TSLA stock back then, that would roughly be $890K today. But if you listened to this “expert” you sold the stocks and now you are looking back in anger.

The same goes for Nikola Motor, this is a new company with a unique idea and and eccentric billionaire behind the company. Do you really think shares of NKLA will stay hovering around 30 bucks?


  1. ‘Do you really think shares of NKLA will stay hovering around 30 bucks?’

    No, I think that’s a bit rich.

    • Ertan Aslan

      Hallo ich würde gerne nkla Aktien kaufen, es gibt kein ein Nr
      Kann mir einer helfen

  2. Shokeen

    I got in at 26, enjoying the ride so far. Tomorrow it will be “NKLA” and I am hoping it will go another 20%

    • Tom Hawks

      Tomorrow will be a selling event for many. I also think that $30 is a lot of hype. The company has a ton of contracts but will certainly be plagued with manufacturing hurdles and drawbacks similar to Tesla. On a side note, this is not Tesla and they will need to deliver. Buy the dip post comping to market and HODL.

      • VTIQ stocks has not changed to NKLA in the system – do you know when it will change names?

        • Robert K. Reed

          Should be within a day (after a closing bell?)

        • Jr

          It shows I don’t own any stocks for either now

      • It’s at 75 now what’s I hope u did not sell🤣🤣🤣

  3. Cael

    Are we just going to leave out the part where VTIQ only represents 6% of shares?

  4. sunilkumar

    It will fall … merger is from reverse split of share … so NKLA share price needs to fall when listed … then it may jump in future, but when listed it will fall.

  5. sunilkumar

    Nikola share price will fall when it will be listed … as it is merged by reverse split of share. Later on it may increase in future … but on june 4th 2020 on first day of its listing it will be less than 30 $

    • Rob Swanson

      sunlilkumar you are incorrect, the stock will motor forward do you not understand how many investors do not even know this is going on and when the new formed company rings the bell at the NASDAQ this moning the world will hear about it for the first time.

    • Ronald Onyango

      Now approaching $40 chief

  6. Paul

    Paul Jensen

  7. PAUL

    the VTIQ ticker is still there, and now also NKLA. If I bought VTIQ, what should I be following?

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