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United Airlines said they would be blocking out middle seats, but in reality people are packed like sardines

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On April 10, United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL) reported that medical volunteers traveling to NYC, New Jersey and California will get a free round-trip flights. On April 22, One Mile at a Time reported that United Airlines started automatically blocking out middle seats on their flights. All of the flights.

Now that we have this out of the way, lets checkout the latest drama unfolding on social media.

According to UCSF scientist Ethan Weiss, seems like United is “relaxing their social distancing policy these days” and he posted a damning selfie showing a packed flight.

He also added that “This is the last time I’ll be flying again for a very long time”.

According to Dan Diamond, Politico reporter, “Ethan flew to NYC to help with the Covid-19 outbreak and now he’s returning to his family in California.”

One of the scientists that are helping fight COVID-19 outbreak also posted a picture and a note, saying that UAL flight is “full with three passengers in every row”:


Furthermore,a user of Flyertalk forum claims that:” I’ve seen flights go out nearly full, even today. By looking at the Standby list, I can see there are passengers assigned to middle seats and they aren’t just blocked. It appears they aren’t denying boarding to anyone willing to take those middle seats. ” while a poster from Austin, TX said that “It’s not being enforced. They will happily sell those seats if they can. It’s mostly for show — people don’t habitually select middle seats anyway, if they have a choice.”


At the end of the trading day on Friday , UAL decided to scrap a $2.25 billion bond offering and posted this in a SEC filing. Nothing was said about the reason behind this decision, but FT reports that the deal was probably oversubscribed but at a higher price point and that United Airlines decided that they needed more time to think this through.

United Airlines Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: UAL) stock price closed at $25.42 on Friday.

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