Un-American move by Delta Air Lines, United and American Airlines. Only masked passengers allowed. – Idaho Reporter

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Un-American move by Delta Air Lines, United and American Airlines. Only masked passengers allowed.

Imagine living in a fear for the rest of the year or, why not, for the next 10 years. It looks like fear is the new black in the U.S.

But this is not a fear induced by COVID-19 pandemic. Big companies,such as major Airlines, are facing a harsh enemy. This enemy is a liberal media and social media warriors.

In today’s world a couple of tweets from a well positioned “influencer” can ruin a reputation of a company that existed for decades. In a post “Under pressure, airlines begin mandating passenger face masks” Politico yesterday reported how Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines mandated that passengers must wear face masks on board planes.

Well it sucks if you forget your mask. No flight for you.

“This is a policy that is in poor choice. A face covering should remain compulsory as it is proven ineffective in preventing the spread or contracting of SARS CoV2. Otherwise Delta should be providing N95 masks, only mask that is effective against SARS CoV2, prior to boarding.”-said a Twitter (@DonHarmon1854)user under a post by Delta Air Lines.

Delta said that “Starting May 4, Delta will require all customers to wear an appropriate face covering or mask throughout their travel“.

So, Delta said that we need to wear a mask “throughout their travel”, but how are we going to eat or drink, if we are thirsty? Through our masks? We need to take down our masks, at least for long-haul flights, right? No?

OK, moving forward. Another Twitter user said:”Bye Delta. Platinum Medallion frequent flyer that will be flying Southwest until you lift these “symbolism over substance” mandate.” -but what he is not aware of, is the fact that Southwest will probably go the same route (under pressure) as its competitors.

Dallas News reported that Southwest “CEO Gary Kelly said Tuesday that planes will likely be partially filled, boarding procedures could be different and passengers could get health screenings when they pass through security lines.Nearly everyone on a plane could be wearing a face mask to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Seem like Southwest is still thinking about it, according to this tweet.


So, here you go, even Southwest might force-mask you if you want to fly to any destination .

Happy trails I guess.

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