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Uber goes from high-end black cars to job search engine.

Uber (NYSE: UBER), which was initially a black car service announced that starting today U.S. Uber drivers can access Uber Work Hub from within their Uber app, a “platform that connects workers with big and small businesses.”

“The most important thing we can do right now is support drivers. They’re doing essential work to keep our communities moving as we fight this virus, but with fewer trips happening they need more ways to earn.”- said Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO, and aded that-” With the Work Hub, we hope drivers can find more work opportunities, whether that’s with another of Uber’s businesses, or at another company.”

On March 19 Tech Crunch reported that Uber “ride volume has gone down by as much as 60%-70% in recent days in the hardest-hit cities like Seattle”.

Listed companies with Uber Work Hub include McDonald’s, Care Guide,FedEx, Hertz, Domino’s, Shipt, grocery stores and pharmacies.

For those in the UK, Uber is partnering with online retailer Ocado to connect drivers to food delivery opportunities.

Uber also plans to reach out to its 240K drivers with a class A Commercial Driver’s License about opportunities with logistics companies.

Uber started off with drivers using their own cars to provide transport services to clients. It gained its first customers through the word of mouth.

By offering great services to the clients, they end up talking about the service to their friends and colleagues. In the words of a certain San Francisco attorney :”The best thing about Uber is that it is reliable. When we need to get somewhere on time, Uber is something I can depend on, even on short notice. It is also easier to find than a taxi, faster than public transportation, and more comfortable than either of those options. It’s even better than driving myself, since I don’t need to look for parking.”

The company targeted areas where demand for cabs was more than supply especially when there were special events or during holidays, such as:

  1. Flat rate airport trips ( Airport trips, to or from SFO to anywhere in San Francisco)
  2. Uber to Macworld (2011)
  3. Valentine’s Day Uber (Go from Zero to Hero , Having a limo show up curbside and open the door for you and your date)
  4.  Uber Tech Smackdown 2011 (For two weeks – 3/1 to 3/15 – Facebook and Google employees have exclusivity on all pickups in Palo Alto)

During any special event, Uber would offer free rides for those who were attending and this greatly impacted their demand as most of these people got to talk about the service either to a friend or even posting on their social media handles.

It ended up being an effortless way towards gaining traction as the existing users did the marketing for them and they spent close to nothing marketing their services.

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