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Two girls raped in Russia fined for violating coronavirus lockdown

In Krasnoyarsk region of Russian Federation police fined two local girls, one aged 17 yrs and the other 18 years, for “violating the self-isolation regime introduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection” after they had been raped by a previously convicted man. The sexual assault took place in the streets during the COVID-19 lockdown. This is reported by numerous Russian outlets on Tuesday, one of the being “” as well as Russian news agency TASS.

Materials regarding violators have been submitted to the Krasnoyarsk administration, which filed cases under the article 9.1 (“Failure to comply with requirements for the prevention and elimination of natural disasters, epidemics and their consequences”) of the regional law on administrative violations. The sanction of this article provides for citizens a fine in the amount of 100 to 1000 ($13.67) rubles.

A protocol on violation of the lockdown norms has also been drawn up against a man suspected of sexual abuse of victims. The Interior Ministry explained that neither the victim nor the suspect should have been at the scene in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus.

“On the street, an unknown man, threatening to use violence, stole cell phones and jewelry from them, after which he committed sexual violence against both and disappeared,” the Interior Ministry said.

The man that raped the girl was later apprehended by police and fined for the same “crime”

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