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Twitter (TWTR) stock is a waste of time. Get over it

Imagine a company, any company, that the President of the U.S. is using on a daily basis. And not just him, millions of other people around the world. And nothing happens. Any company out there (Facebook is a great example) selling services would go up but not Twitter.

For years all we see is a steamy pile of poo poo. We are now 3 years short of a decade since Twitter went public. At its IPO Twitter (TWTR) stock was priced at $26 per share but opened at $45.10 and closed that day at $44.90. That was seven (7) years ago.

I am going to say it now. If you are investing so you can earn more money and your money is trapped in Twitter stocks…you are an idiot for not getting rid of those shares. It is a non-dividend-paying stock for Christ’s sake! You can hold it for the next 2,000 years and nothing is going to happen.

And the real reason behind my decision to write this article is the endless business news train wreck that big financial media names (Barron’s, Seeking Alpha, Market Watch…) are sending out so they can get more clicks.

No, Twitter is not the land of opportunity and no you will not see any significant earnings as long as execs are worried about who said what instead of who is paying their bills.

When investing you’ve got to weigh the risks vs. the opportunity. There is no risk with TWTR stock, but there is no opportunity either.

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