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TTCF stock proves that all SPACs are not alike

One thing seems clear to me: If Tattooed Chef (NASDAQ:TTCF) stock is guilty of one thing, it’s being undervalued.

Readers will recall that earlier this month I said how FMCI is probably the safest SPAC so far, and Friday ticker change (from FMCI to TTCF) proved that I was right.

Don’t panic. Know what you own

And seems like owners of TTCF know what they own and they decided to stick with their choice for a long run. And besides them, some other investors decided to join on Friday when Tattooed Chef, plant-based food producer, scored another 4.4% on top of previous gains, closing the day at $25.13. This is slightly below its ATH of $27.20.

I think their products are going to be a big hit and will take the stock a lot higher than where it is today. But what I like the most about this company is the fact that they are not chasing the stock price, they are not pumping it with low quality non-news PR. They are growing organically, the same way their product is produced, with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Of course, if you want to invest in volatile, emerging companies, you had better be prepared to hold them for a couple of years. On the other side, a lot can go right or wrong in two years’ time. But that’s the way this game is played.

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  1. William P Kincy

    Tattooed Chef not only went Public with real sales, profits and EBITDA but great growth to date and guidance for great growth in the next few years. Besides that their products are simply damn good. Check it out at Sam’s, Costco, Walmart or Target. My favorites are the Acai Bowls and the Mexican Street Corn.

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