Trump:”America is not built to shut down, we need to get back to work” – Idaho Reporter

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Trump:”America is not built to shut down, we need to get back to work”

As people on West Coast are waking up, the war on Twitter is showing a divide that grows deeper and deeper.

24 hours ago, prominent U.S. officials announced that they would begin to relax social distancing and attempt to restrain stay at home orders.

Now, the stock market is beginning to rise with DOW almost 2,000 points up. Some of the Twitter users argue that the rich add nothing of value to the U.S. society and that “the poor” create all our wealth. The 1% buy our politicians, rig the system, exploit & keep us powerless while hoarding all our resources. And they are calling on netizens to “tax these parasites out of existence”.

On the other side, pro- #ReopenAmerica are saying that the people pushing these indefinite shut downs are the deep state elites, media elites & Hollywood elites, who have not lost their jobs. Also they say that for the shutdown are “Bernie types” who want goverment to take care of them. In conclusion-“Sixtyfive & older can stay home and others should go back to work!”

Today, during a Fox News interview, Donald Trump said that small businesses are important just as well as big companies. And the owners are gonna need help and loans and we need to take care of them. And that is why we(politicians) need to vote this stimulus package deal.

He added that :”We are not gonna close the country. We are gonna take this country and close it and people are gonna go out of business.”- Trump argues, adding that-” This has never been done, we had viruses before, I gave it 2 weeks and we will asses after those 2 weeks what to do but we need to open this country.”

“Now all of a sudden we are turning off the country. We understand, we had hotspots before we had horrible flus, but we never closed the country for the flu. It has never been done. “- Trump continues.

“We have had some really bad epidemics, but never did anything like this before. It has been painfull for our country, but we need to get back to work

Do you want to stay at home or reopen USA?

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