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Time To Get Greedy On Hyliion (HYLN) Shares

HYLN stock has been battered down since the end of September due to major profit taking following IPO on NYSE. Now that selloff stopped this may be a chance to place HYLN into your portfolio once again.

Hyliion went head hunting recently, and with Jose Oxholm being their latest addition Hyliion proves that they are out there to make (sign) some contracts. Who is Jose Oxholm?

Most recently, he served as vice president, deputy general counsel and chief compliance officer for Meritor, Inc., a leading global provider of on and off highway commercial truck and other agricultural and military vehicle parts, systems and solutions. In that role, he supported and directed strategic and tactical corporate legal initiatives for the company’s largest business unit among other responsibilities.

Besides Meritor he also worked with Good Year and Ford.

HYLN shares are up 4.57% since open on Monday. And on Monday after-hours it is confirmed that Tesla (TSLA) is joining the S&P 500 index which furthermore means stocks like HYLN will get more attention on Tuesday.

I believe that the market’s whiplash sell-off of HYLN is finished, creating an excellent buying opportunity. I like HYLN at any price below $25, and at $23.5 where it sits at today is a steal in this point in time. Will you buy or sell HYLN shares today?


  1. Mahana

    Yep, I have been adding up, HYLN is looking better now.

  2. Patrick M Cvetic

    Have 170 shares unfortunately my avg price is 40.

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