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This will be a flat week for AAPL stock

After Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has already opened some stores in the United States, more are now being added: A total of 25 Apple Stores are opening their doors in some US states this week. Obviously, the smartphone giant is slowly returning to normal – Apple had to close over 500 of its stores worldwide in the wake of the corona crisis.

This time, stores in the U.S. states of Florida, California, Washington, Hawaii, Oklahoma and Colorado will reopen with precautions. No masks-no entrance.

According to the company, the number of visitors to the stores is restricted to maintain the safety distance. The temperature is measured at the entrance to the customer and they should wear a mask. Customers are also examined for other Covid-19 symptoms such as cough.

The focus should be on the customer with technical problems. That’s why Apple recommends continuing to shop online. According to the company, data from local authorities and state regulators on Covid-19 would be monitored regularly to open more businesses as soon as possible.

The Apple Stores are an important driver of demand for the company’s products. The gradual reopening is a sign that the company’s business is normalizing again.

Meanwhile, Apple’s stock has continued to grow and it closed at $307.71 on Friday. With the end of last week AAPL stock regained all losses since pandemic started.

But we are now entering a stage where there will be less stock rallies and more caution in the markets. Everyone will probably wait for Q2 results.

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