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This EU law could be a great catalyst for PLUG,BLDP and NKLA shares

With Plug Power (PLUG) shares, bulls and bears like to take turns and it is now the bears’ turn again, at least if we look at the technical chart.

On the other side Nikola (NKLA) stock price seems to be going up again. On Friday, the share has increased by around 8 percent. It will be exciting to see whether the upswing of the past few days can continue and initiate an upward trend.

And Ballard Power (BLDP) shares are hovering around $15 for the last 6 months. With a market cap half the market cap of PLUG, this might be the best investment going forward, among these 3 stocks.

In the following months, stocks like NKLA, PLUG and BLDP could see big gains.

The reason? Politics and new emission and polution laws.

While the new US President Joe Biden is preparing a $2 trillion climate plan, Europe is also trying to promote new, cleaner technologies. During the weekend we received some good news for e-car fans and the environment. Bild am Sonntag has published a study commissioned by the EU Commission (“Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards”).

The EU Commission, led by Ursula von der Leyen (62), is planning the strictest emission regulations so far.

What is required here cannot be achieved today by a combustion engine. It’s like a declaration of war on diesel and gasoline engines

The new Euro 7 emissions standard is to come into force across the EU from 2025. According to the study, new cars should only be allowed to emit 30 milligrams of NOx per kilometer, in a second scenario even only 10 mg / km. That would be a drastic step. So far, 60 mg for gasoline and 80 mg for diesel engines are allowed. This could mean that from 2025 the production of vehicles with ICE motors would be stopped in EU.

While this is still a proposal, 2025 is close and green and emerging tech stocks could see a surge that could bring these shares toward triple digits.

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