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The aftermath of US missile strike on Iraq captured on video while Iraqis celebrate

The foootage of the aftermath of a missile strike inflicted by the United States at the airport of Baghdad appeared on the Internet. The video was posted by a freelance journalits Ravin Ojay on his Twitter account.

“Four rockets hit #BaghdadAirport, every rocket hit one target:

• The building used by the US-led Coalition.
• Military airport’s runway.
• Iraqi Counter Terrorism center
• The Airport’s outside road”

the author of the publication explained.


US forces dealt a blow to the international airport of the Iraqi capital on Friday night, January 3. According to preliminary data, at least eight people were killed during the airstrike, at least 12 were injured.

Another video shows what appears to be a destroyed vehicle.


 Among killed is the general of the elite Iranian special forces Al-Quds of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Qasem Suleimani . According to Twitter video above, Hezbollah 2nd in command, Naim Qassem is also killed. The Pentagon said that US President Donald Trump personly OK’d the airstrike.


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