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Tesla (TSLA) threatens lawsuit against Chinese rumor spreaders

In response to the rumors that “Tesla Model 3 price is reduced to 199,000 yuan”, Tesla China officially stated today that this is a rumor and will file a lawsuit in court. This was posted on official Tesla Weibo account with the image showing a post by a user that claimed price reduction is coming.

The content about our price posted (image above) by this Weibo user is a rumor, which has been confirmed with Shanghai and the National Development and Reform Commission, and they also said they have no knowledge( of this price reduction). We will file a lawsuit against the Weibo user in the court according to law.“-Tesla China

Furthermore, Allan Wang, general manager of Tesla China, responded today during afternoon (local time) in the Tesla car-friends group, saying, that this is “outright spreading rumors”.

On October 1st of this year, the model 3 standard battery life upgraded version manufactured by Tesla at the Shanghai Giga Factory was priced at 249,900 yuan after subsidies, and the Chinese-made Model 3 long battery life rear-wheel drive version was priced at 309,000 yuan after subsidies. The prices of the models were reduced by RMB 21,650 and RMB 34,1,500 respectively.

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