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Tesla (TSLA) is up 300% in 4 months, same like BTC in 2017

Just 4 months ago, on March 18th, one Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock was selling for only $361. Everyone was selling at the start of corona crisis but the smartest investors rushed to buy good shares cheap. Those who trusted Mr. Musk invested in Tesla. And the investment paid off, big time.

On Monday Tesla gained another 13% with the price tag 300% higher compared to where it was just 4 months ago. In January 2017 one BTC was selling for only $828 but 4 months later and 300% higher BTC went through the roof with the $2,600 price tag. From there BTC rallied to its all time high of $20K in under 12 months. I doubt that Tesla could do the same, but everything is possible in the times of crisis like the one we are experiencing. Investors are seeking a safe harbor and Tesla seem to be on the safest stocks around.

The share of the electric car manufacturer is currently in demand like never before. At the same time, many short-term investors speculate against the stock and are betting on prices that will soon fall. These “shorties” have now been targeted by Tesla boss Elon Musk – probably not without reason.

The Tesla boss Elon Musk, known for his provocations, teased with the sale of satin shorts against skeptical investors. The US electric car manufacturer added red shorts with the gold-colored Tesla logo and the inscription S3XY – for the models S, 3, X and Y – to its website on Sunday. In the meantime, the website collapsed due to a large number of inquiries, and the shorts were sold out within a short time.

With the offer of the “Tesla Short Shorts” Musk makes fun of skeptical investors: Short sellers place short sales on falling share prices and want to make profits. Many investors consider Tesla overvalued and expect stock prices to fall in the future, like BTC did in 2019. The Tesla share is the one against which the Nasdaq technology exchange bets the most: Around 15 million Tesla shares were “short” in mid-June , an equivalent of $ 18 billion. In the current stock market year, short sellers have made around $ 15.9 billion in losses. From the speculators’ perspective, Tesla is also the most-hated stock.

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