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Tesla owners can now drive to Tibet

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) owners can now drive to Tibet after charging stations have gone up all along Highway G318 connecting Lhasa and Chengdu. The 2,000 kilometre-long route has two Tesla supercharging stations and 11 destination charging piles, with an average of one for every 154km.

The 13 charging stations have been built in Chengdu, Ya’an, Kangding, Xinduqiao, Litang, Batang, Mangkang, Zuogong, Basu, Bomi, and Lulang, Gongbujanda and Lhasa. Different sites have different life service facilities to provide users with comprehensive support on their way into Tibet.

At the same time, Tesla plans to deploy 4000+ super charging stations in China, twice the total construction in the past 5 years.

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