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Smile Direct Club (SDC) is in free fall. What Now?

SmileDirectClub, Inc. SDC performed bad in the previous 30 days, similar to majority of stocks. SDC shares made a “dead cat bounce” on March 27, but went downhill from there.

After this temporary recovery SDC went down to $3,88 on Friday. In my eyes Smile Direct Club should perform better, much better.


As you can see in the tweet above, SDC is already equiped with 3D printing machines and ready to deliver products. SmileDirectClub has capacity to print up to 7,5K medical-grade face shields per day and is accepting orders from healthcare organizations and governmental bodies across the country and in Canada. The first hospital to receive these face shields is St. Luke’s hospital in Boise, Idaho.

They also 3D print respirator face masks and they are FDA-certified manufacturing facility which mean that $3,88 per share is a great price and it might not go below $3 no matter how long the crisis last.

Teledentistry, teeth whitening, 3D printing and aligners are here to stay and so is SDC.

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