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Should we ignore SPCB stock AH rally?

On Thursday many stocks went down in one of the biggest falls for Wall Street. Almost all stocks (with the exception of SSFT) were down and dirty including SuperCom Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPCB) stock.

In last trading session, SuperCom Ltd. (NASDAQ:SPCB) saw 2,340,100 shares changing hands which is below the average. Company’s recent per share price level of $1.79 trading at -$0.34 or -15.96% at ring of the bell on the day assigns it a market valuation of $32.56 Million. That closing price of SPCB’s stock is an increase of 300% from the starting price in January.

But after the the ring and in pre-market on Friday, SPCB stock is up almost 23%.

I searched everything and did not manage to find a reasoning for this price increase besides speculation and hope. If you invested in January you are in a big plus but getting in now is a pure speculation.


With such a low volume everything is possible but have in mind that Supercom got its last contract on June 4 , when they secured a 5-year contract with the national government of Latvia. Following this contract shares went up more than 100% so this is already priced in.

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