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Salesforce CEO to employees:No layoffs in the next 3 months

Department of Labour shocked (if anyone can be shocked anymore) with the report on initial job claims today. RSM US LLP Chief Economist, Joseph Brusuelas, said that these numbers (Jobless claims to 3.283 million) shows” the unemployment rate in the April employment report will increase from 3.5% to roughly 5.75%“.

On a positive side, Salesforce CEO said yesterday that they won’t be cutting employees over the next 90 days months no matter what.


Benioff uses the Hawaiian word “ohana,” to refer to Salesforce employees, showing them he cares for them. Ohana means “family”.

In an opinionpiece published in NYT 5 months ago, Benioff said – “as a capitalist, I believe it’s time to say out loud what we all know to be true: Capitalism, as we know it, is dead.” and then he added that “a new capitalism must include a tax system that generates the resources we need and includes higher taxes on the wealthiest among us”.

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