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Russian schoolgirl beats a pedophile policeman with a scooter

A Moscow schoolgirl fought off a pedophile policeman, using her scooter, it was reported this morning by local news outlet ” Moscow Komsomolets .”

According to the publication, the incident occurred in one of the buildings in the north of the capital. The 11-year-old girl was returning home from a walk and went towards the elevator where she saw a stranger. There he took off his pants and tried to attack the schoolgirl, but she did not get confused and kicked him in the groin with a scooter.

The man stepped back and ended up on the ground, and the girl closed the doors of the elevator and went to her floor. There she told her mom what just happened and she called the police.

Pedophile was tracked using a surveillance camera video. It turned out that he served in the unit for the protection of public order during mass events at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. That day he was returning from the departmental hospital where he passed a regular medical exam where he also visited a psychiatrist. Doctors concluded that the sergeant is healthy and fit for service.

After the incident, the policeman was fired, a criminal case was opened against him on sexual assault. Court sentenced the man to six years in prison in a corrective colony (the most common type of prison in Russia). On the other side the schoolgirl explained that instinct helped her escape.

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