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Russian infectious disease specialist hides trip to Europe and gets infected with coronavirus

The main infectious disease specialist of the Stavropol Territory became infected with the coronavirus. It is reported by Russian Telegram channel Baza.

In early March, Irina Sannikova went to Spain, but she hid the fact that she took the trip and did not comply with quarantine. Moreover, after returning, she managed to give several lectures and participate in a scientific conference. During the period of seven days, she was in close contact with hundreds of people.

On March 17, she fell ill and went to the doctors. They suspected coronavirus, and rapid test showed a positive result. Sannikova still remains in the hospital, and dozens of people that were in contact with her are now in isolation.

Update March 21: According to RiaRu she is now charged with “violations of the Criminal Code on concealing information about circumstances that endanger the life or health of people”.

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