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Poor TSLA performance drags down XPEV and NIO stock, but times will change

Xpeng P7. Photo source: https://twitter.com/XpengMotors/status/1301571876934709249/photo/1

As long as Nio and Xpeng (XPEV) are influenced by Tesla (TSLA) stock price all NIO and XPEV stockholders will have to pay attention to what is going in the Tesla HQ.

Tesla shares go up, NIO and XPEV follow suit and vice versa. TSLA down, other EV stocks are down.

The same happened on Friday when TSLA stock opened a bit higher compared to Thursday afternoon but all 3 stocks went down again. The pattern is obvious but the big question is- When will this change?

The answer is simple. When Nio Inc and Xpeng Inc over-deliver on promised and they manage to do that in the next 2 quarters. If the number of delivered cars is higher compared to the same quarter in 2019 but with meh numbers the shares will continue to follow TSLA ups and downs.

NIO delivered 3,965 vehicles in August, representing a strong 104.1% year-over-year growth and achieving another monthly delivery record.


So, yes 104% YoY growth is a great feat but 3,965 is still a rather meh-ish number at the moment but fast approaching 11.8K Tesla Model 3 (made in China) vehicle deliveries.


Have in mind that Tesla MIC Model 3 deliveries are at the similar level for months already. Nio might be a better performer in the year to come and when this happens NIO shares can go into triple digits. The same goes for XPEV.

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